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Good, long-term partnerships are crucial for creating outstanding products.

It is their passion for innovation, outstanding technologies and superior quality that we appreciate in our partner GORE-TEX, and this has been the case for more than 30 years.

As a specialist for sports gloves, we really value good, long-term partnerships, because that is how we create products that keep you warm and dry out there on the slopes or cross-country trails, so you can enjoy every descent, no matter how long the route or how changeable the weather.

GORE-TEX and ZIENER since 1988

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Based in Oberammergau, Upper Bavaria, master glove maker Franz Ziener Senior founded his glove factory in 1946. The master glove maker and his family originally came from the Ore Mountains in Germany. ZIENER started out producing high-quality glacier gloves with just three employees.

When Bill and Vieve Gore founded their company in their home cellar a few years later in 1958, they initially developed products for the electronics sector. The company found success after working for a long time on turning their visions into valuable products, when their son Bob Gore discovered a versatile polymer in 1969 and the GORE-TEX brand made history.

The ZIENER company saw the arrival of the third generation of its family with Franz Ziener Junior in 1980. GORE-TEX and ZIENER began their shared history in 1988. Both family businesses are united by high quality standards, a passion for their products as well as constant innovation.

That's why the collaboration works so perfectly and is so rewarding for both sides: about 25% of ZIENER’s glove collections are now equipped with GORE-TEX technology.

What are the benefits of ZIENER gloves with GORE-TEX technology for you?

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The gloves’ inner lining, GORE-TEX membrane and outer material create a structure that provides more comfort and better protection from the weather during outdoor activities. Your hands will stay warmer when it's cold and drier when you sweat. Let's take a look at the gloves’ design and functionality together.

By the way, ex-professional athlete and ZIENER sportsman Felix Neureuther also relies on gloves with GORE-TEX technology. You can take a look at the structure of our gloves in this video:

Our GORE-TEX gloves from the original GORE-TEX product range are guaranteed to be permanently waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Which ZIENER gloves are right for you?

In addition to the original GORE-TEX products, there are also three subcategories that cater to special needs with an even more specialized layered glove structure.

Element 22xGORE-TEX Plus Warm Gloves: For long-lasting protection against the cold in extreme winter conditions.

Element 32xGORE-TEX Active gloves: For a drier and more comfortable feel during strenuous activity.

Element 42xGORE-TEX Grip Gloves: Excellent tactility and superb grip when it matters.

OUR original GORE-TEX highlight products in the Winter 21/22 collection

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All GORE-TEX laminates are bluesign® and ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

bluesign approvedProducts that are ‘bluesign® approved’ only use chemicals and raw materials in their production process that are proven to be safe and whose origin is traceable and trustworthy.

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Certification according to ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100 confirms that these laminates can be worn without any health concerns.


The GORE-TEX membrane: What it is, how it works, and why you need it

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