Palm Technology
Find the bike gloves that really suit you.

Thanks to our tried-and-tested palm concepts (Comfort, Comfort Plus, Comfort Pro, Grip Control), we have a suitable glove in our range for all bikers - whether for downhill trails, fast routes on the road or long rides on an e-bike.
The four different technologies ensure maximum comfort and optimum grip on the handlebars.
Fully padded comfort palm.

The fully padded COMFORT palm is characterized by an evenly distributed padding on the palm and thus avoids pressure points. This provides a very comfortable grip. The ZIENER gloves, which are equipped with the COMFORT palm, are perfect for riding through easy terrain.
Comfort Plus
Sporty palm with GEL insert.

The combination of different foam and gel pads on the COMFORT PLUS palms absorbs shocks and absorbs all bumps effortlessly. With the non-slip silicone prints and ergonomic cuts, these gloves not only have practical features, but also score points in terms of design.
Comfort Pro
Extremely soft palm for a comfortable grip.

The highly cushioning palm with COMFORT PRO technology was designed for all riders who place great value on a comfortable and soft grip. The large, high-quality, shock-absorbing padding adapts to the individual anatomy of the hand and thus prevents pressure points. This means that the hand is supported exactly where the rider needs it. The additional very soft palm material with non-slip surface structure ensures the best tactility and optimum grip on the handlebars.
Grip Control
Tactile palm for optimum handlebar control.

The particularly tactile GRIP CONTROL palm offers optimum handlebar control and perfect grip thanks to the absence or targeted and minimal use of padding. Non-slip silicone prints and pre-curved fingers promise optimum comfort. Soft palm materials support a wrinkle-free fit.
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