Climate-neutral company

Climate-neutral company

We are very proud that ZIENER has been able to call itself a climate-neutral company since 2020. ClimatePartner has prepared a carbon balance for our Oberammergau site – the calculated greenhouse gas emissions are then offset by nationally and internationally recognised climate protection projects. For the winter 20/21 season, our challenge was to go one step further in the area of climate protection at the product level as well: The result is our new climate-neutral collection line Ex4 with ski gloves. From January 2021, we will be adding to this: In addition to our climate-neutral site and the Ex4 glove collection, our website is now also climate-neutral.

What does climate-neutral mean?

1. Calculate carbon emissions
Together with ClimatePartner, we calculated all the carbon emissions arising at the facility in Oberammergau and as a result of the production of the Ex4 collection.

2. Avoid and reduce CO2
In Oberammergäu, we get emission-free green power. We focus on durability and high-quality materials for our products.

3. Offset carbon emissions
We offset all our unavoidable emissions through our forest conservation carbon offset project in Mongolia and our mountain forest project in Oberallgäu. Further information on offsetting greenhouse gas emissions can be found under climate protection projects.

4. Marked as climate neutral
The clothing and gloves in the Ex4 collection are marked as climate neutral through the ClimatePartner label. You can use our ID number to follow how our carbon emissions are being offset on – certified by TÜV Austria.

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