Functional Clothing

Functional Clothing


It is important to wash functional clothing regularly in order to remove dirt, sweat and grease as well as also to maintain the membrane’s effect. Please check the care label before washing any item as functional clothing is made up of many different materials and it is crucial that is washed correctly in order to preserve the product’s characteristics.

On no account should you use fabric softener as it makes the fibres expand, thus destroying the membrane. We also recommend that you do not use washing powder as it can clog the membrane’s pores. Bleach and chlorine can also damage textiles. We therefore recommend that you wash your clothing in a domestic washing machine using special washing detergents for functional clothing. They provide the best care as they are specially designed for this purpose and will not damage the membrane. They also have less impact on the outer impregnation. Please note that it is important to use washing detergent sparingly – in this case, more is not better.


At 30°C on a gentle or wool cycle. Use a low spin speed. Turn the clothing inside out and close all zipper and Velcro fastenings. Do not load the washing machine to full capacity – this is better as it reduces the mechanical strain on the materials. If possible, use a second rinse cycle to ensure that all washing detergent residues are removed.


Allow the clothing to drip dry for a short time before placing it in the tumble dryer. Following drip drying, you can either tumble dry the item for 20 minutes (gentle cycle ata low revolution speed) or iron it at the lowest setting without steam. Please note that it is crucial that you place a towel between the clothing and the iron when ironing. The warmth from the dryer or iron reactivates the clothing’s water-repellent impregnation.


Even the best clothing needs to be reimpregnated at some point. We recommend that you use a spray product on the outside of the clothing only, as impregnation in the washing machine can have a negative effect on breathability. When re-impregnating clothing please always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When you have finished the process, you can either tumble dry or iron the item on a warm setting.

Please note that functional materials react sensitively to the aggressive substancescontained in stain removers and similar products. We therefore recommend that you first test stain remover on the inside of the jacket or, in cases of doubt, leave the stain untreated rather than destroying the fabric.

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