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Whether it's a multi-day hut tour through alpine terrain or mileage-intensive road bike rides - for cyclists who ride a lot and achieve a lot, well-fitting, functional cycling shorts are a must. After all, optimum performance can only be achieved if the equipment goes with you. The ZIENER bike pads impress with their innovative features. Excellent fit, an aerodynamic cut, top workmanship and first-class materials go without saying. All pads are made from open-cell foam inserts, which ensure high breathability and durability. The seamless finish prevents chafing or rubbing on the buttocks and the quick-drying, skin-friendly and antibacterial outer fabric creates a wonderful wearing climate.

X-Race Man


The X-Race pad man is characterised by stitched inserts in the central area and the use of the latest high-density foam. Its special shape guarantees maximum protection and excellent fit. The Soft-Touch fabric with antibacterial treatment and double-layer structure favours the absorption and transport of moisture to the outside, while the perforated fabric increases breathability for quick drying. The holes significantly increase breathability and air passage in the pad, giving a pleasant sensation of freshness and allowing the insert to dry in less time than other traditional products. The X-Race pad is ideal for those who like to ride long distances.

ZIENER Sitzpolster Technologie X Race Man EN

X-Race Lady

The X-Race pad lady is a thermoformed pad, specifically designed for road cycling. The pad is designed to meet the expectations of athletes who spend long hours in the saddle and need all the support they can get to improve their performance. The perineal inserts with high-density foam have been positioned at the main pressure points for optimal performance when riding in the typical road position, the soft side wings help to achieve an optimal position in the saddle. The Soft-Touch Carbon base layer with antibacterial treatment and carbon filaments dissipates static electricity, also preventing bacterial growth and reducing odours, increasing epidermal comfort.

ZIENER Sitzpolster Technologie X Race lady EN



The X-WOOL PAD is a bike pad with a smooth upper side.
The reversal of the supporting layers creates a super-flat top side that is extremely comfortable against the skin. The core of the pad consists of 100% washable lavalan® wool fleece - made from natural, renewable raw materials.
The natural lavalan® material absorbs moisture optimally, stores it and thus ensures excellent climate balance when cycling. In addition, the lavalan® wool fleece has ideal damping properties and excellent rebound behavior. The outer fabric of the pad is biodegradable, super soft, highly breathable and easy to care for. As a biodegradable material, e-GO quickly decomposes into organic material and biogas in an anaerobic landfill, whereas similar synthetic materials take decades to do so.

ZIENER Sitzpolster Technologie X Wool EN



Thanks to innovative shaping technology, the wings of the X-GEL pad nestle perfectly against the body at a 90° angle and adapt to your movements. Pressure points and irritation in the seat area are prevented by the optimized shape and soft edge transitions.The foam of the X-GEL pad was produced using a special pressure line system. This creates different levels and heights.It therefore supports bikers in all movements - for maximum comfort.The pad is also extremely breathable and ensures a soft, comfortable fit.

ZIENER Sitzpolster Technologie Gel EN



High comfort and functionality also play a major role here.Thanks to a complex three-dimensional cutting system, the foam consists of different zones that guarantee optimum freedom of movement while at the same time providing high volume for sensitive areas.The surface fabric offers a new, soft feel and ensures high flexibility.It is also quick-drying.

ZIENER Sitzpolster Technologie X Function EN
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