The ZIENER Shield System is a classification system that highlights the most important function of a glove. Each "Shield" uses different functional materials to achieve the desired shield/protection effect. Depending on the area of application, two shield systems can also work together to achieve the desired functional comfort.
The ZIENER Shield System is divided into six functional units. It includes the four proprietary ZIENER technologies (GLOVE TECHNOLOGY, AQUASHIELD®, THERMOSHIELD® & PROTECTSHIELD®) and is supplemented by the GORE-TEX & GORE® Windstopper® technologies.

To simplify the selection of the product when purchasing, all ZIENER gloves are supplied with a color-coded header card (hanger). This identifies the respective functional unit of the gloves.
Ziener Glove Technology
Perfect fit and high wearing comfort to ensure the best possible function for all winter sports activities.

All ZIENER gloves feature ZIENER Glove Technology. They can also be supplemented with the ZIENER AQUASHIELD®, ZIENER THERMOSHIELD® & ZIENER PROTECTSHIELD® technologies.
The waterproof & windproof Aquashield® membrane - ensures a warm & dry climate.

The ZIENER AQUASHIELD® distinguishes those products that are waterproof and windproof thanks to the use of a ZIENER membrane, thus ensuring a warm and dry climate. Their sponge structure ensures that water vapor can pass unhindered through the membrane to the outside and no water droplets can penetrate.
High-quality gloves should be waterproof to protect the hands from moisture and prevent heat loss. This ensures that they are comfortable to wear. Moisture can be caused by rain or snow on the outside or by perspiration on the inside.
The escape of water vapor through the gloves is determined not only by the material composition and resistance to evaporation, but also by the external climate. The permeability varies greatly depending on the body temperature in relation to the outside temperature. Depending on this, the vapor can escape or condense inside the gloves. This effect is completely independent of the material. Due to the low outside temperatures during winter sports, the condensation point is almost always in the glove.
Extra warm properties ensure a high level of comfort, even under extreme conditions.

The extremities of the body freeze particularly easily, which is why the hands in particular need to be protected from low outside temperatures during winter sports. The decisive factor here is the thermal insulation of the insulating material used on the one hand and the ability to store as many air pockets as possible in the glove to provide protection from the cold and increase breathability on the other. The following applies: the more air can be stored in the gloves, the warmer they are, as air is the best heat insulator. The insulating function is ensured by the outer material and the padding. When buying gloves, you should therefore pay attention to the different insulating properties of the gloves in order to achieve an optimum feeling of warmth when wearing them, depending on the intended use.
Strategically integrated protectors. 

This category includes sporty and highly functional ski gloves for ski racing and race-oriented skiers who feel comfortable in the forest of poles. On the other hand, snowboard gloves offer comfort for snowboarders who spend their time on the piste or in open terrain. With special models for children and teenagers.

Highly functional waterproof technologies

Skiers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts rely on GORE-TEX gloves because they offer their hands protection and comfort. GORE-TEX gloves are guaranteed to be waterproof, windproof and breathable.


WINDSTOPPER® by GORE-TEX LABS - Highly functional non-waterproof technologies.

Absolutely windproof. Outstanding comfort. WINDSTOPPER® gloves by GORE-TEX LABS block any wind and are ideal for spending the day outdoors. They are also extremely breathable.

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