lavalan® woolisulation

lavalan® woolisulation

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Sustainability in focus

Virgin wool is a natural product with all the advantages of a high-tech material. Its unmatched breathability ensures pleasant warmth, a constant body climate and is therefore ideal for use in outdoor clothing. Wool is able to neutralize bad odors and thus contributes to longer use without unnecessary washing. It warms even when damp and is hypoallergenic. Best of all, wool is biodegradable and decomposes in both soil and water. It also grows back automatically, as sheep need to be sheared once or twice a year to stay healthy. In short: Wool is THE alternative to synthetics and down and, as an ancient and at the same time highly modern raw material, meets the spirit of the times.

"What we appreciate about lavalan® is that it is made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials and is in harmony with animal welfare. The fleece is manufactured in Germany and the wool for it comes from the Alpine regions in Switzerland and Austria. Theincreased use of lavalan® in our collections, helps us to make them bit by bit more sustainable and ecological, without having to sacrifice very high functionality." - Florian Ehlert, Head of Marketing Ziener

The advantages of lavalan® - the wool insulation at a glance

•    consists exclusively of natural, renewable and biodegradable raw materials
•    Wool provides pleasant warmth, regulates temperature, is breathable and neutralizes odor
•    Wool is warm even when damp and can absorb and release up to 36% of its own weight in moisture. In addition, lavalan® is water repellent at the same time
•    lavalan® is machine washable
•    European virgin wool with short transport distances
•    Sheep farming makes a valuable contribution to landscape conservation
•    Production in Germany
•    Direct contact with sheep farmers and high animal welfare standards

You can find more information about lavalan® HERE.

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