lavalan® woolisulation

lavalan® woolisulation

Virgin wool is a natural product with all the advantages of a high-tech material. Its unrivaled breathability ensures pleasant warmth and a constant body climate, making it ideal for use in outdoor clothing. Wool is able to neutralize bad odours and therefore contributes to longer use without unnecessary washing. It keeps you warm even when damp and is hypoallergenic. Best of all, wool is biodegradable and decomposes in both soil and water. It also grows back automatically, as sheep need to be shorn once or twice a year to stay healthy. In short: wool is THE alternative to synthetics and down and, as an ancient and at the same time ultra-modern raw material, is in tune with the spirit of the times.

lavalan® wool padding made from virgin wool and corn

lavalan® is the highly functional wool filling made entirely from renewable raw materials, from European virgin wool and a corn-based fiber called polylactide (PLA).
The name lavalan® is derived from the Latin term for “washable wool”. The material can therefore be washed on a gentle cycle and with wool detergent. All lavalan® products are thermally bonded during the manufacturing process. The PLA bonds the wool fibers in countless places, creating a durable and robust, yet soft and comfortable fiber filling for all types of textiles. Thanks to their highly functional properties, products with lavalan® wool insulation are ideal for skiing and biking. At Ziener, we use lavalan® in our ski gloves and winter clothing. Thanks to its excellent cushioning properties, lavalan® is also used in the form of a wool pad in our bike gloves.


Wool fibre: unmatched breathability
Wool is a hygroscopic and hydrophobic fibre at the same time. Tiny pores in the epicuticle allow water vapour to pass through to the heart of the fibre. Wool can easily absorb and release moisture vapour up to 36% of its dry weight without feeling damp or clammy. This is twice as much as cotton and thirty times as much as polyester. It makes lavalan highly breathable, quick drying and it keeps you warm even when wet or when sweating.Due to this individual adaptability wool is a “temperature regulator” that keeps you warm in the cold and provides a cooling effect when it’s warm.

IsolierungWool fibre: temperature regulation
Individual wool fibers consist of uncountable hollow spaces that are perfectly able to trap body heat. This effect is enforced by the curly construction of the fibre, called crimp, which gives lavalan a natural loft and forms millions of tiny air pockets creating a thermal barrier and delivering an outstanding insulation performance. Since wool is thermoregulating (moisture management) it also provides a cooling effect and prevents one from overheating during high intensity exercise or unexpected warm weather.  So, lavalan always delivers comfortable, cozy warmth regardless of activity levels or altering temperatures.

GeruchsneutralisierungWool fibre: odour neutralization 
perspiring is a natural way the human body regulates its temperature, especially in response to hot conditions or intensive exercise. High levels of perspiration lead to sweat which naturally does not inherit bad odour. What we know as unpleasant sweat odour only builds up over time as bacteria develop on our clothes. Wool’s capacity to absorb and to wick away water vapour prevents to build these bacteria. The fibre even has a self-cleaning and dirt neutralization property. So, you can use your lavalan padded garments longer without unnecessary wash cycles.

You can find more information about lavalan® HERE.

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