The history of the Ziener brand

ZIENER: Upper Bavarian master glove maker and sports enthusiast

Upper Bavarian Oberammergau, famous for its woodcarvings and Passion Plays, is located in the beautiful Ammergau region of the Alps. Master glove maker Franz Ziener, originally from the Erzgebirge mountain area in Eastern Germany, set up his glove making workshop here in 1946. What were once high-quality, hand-made gloves for everyday use are today technically innovative gloves for winter and bike sports. For some years now, the functional specialist’s product portfolio has also been supplemented by a wide-ranging clothing line. The long-established company, headed by Franz Ziener, the third generation of the family to do so, together with managing director Frank Burig, is today one of Europe’s market leaders in the winter sports glove segment.


carbon neutral company and website

2020/2021 carbon neutral company and website ZIENER has been a carbon -neutral company since 2020. ClimatePartner has prepared a carbon balance for the Oberammergau site – the calculated greenhouse gas emissions are then offset by nationally and internationally recognised climate protection projects.  Since January 2021, the website has also been climate neutral. 2020/2021

Sustainable EX4 gloves collection

2020/2021 Sustainable EX4 gloves collection

ZIENER develops thesustainable Ex4 glove collection based on these four pillars:

  • recycled materials
  • CO2 - neutral
  • PFC free
  • repair service


Mountaineering Gloves Collection

2018/2019 Mountaineering Gloves Collection

ZIENER is launching a Mountaineering Gloves collection for the first time in Winter 2018/2019. The clothing and glove specialist thus meets the needs and high standards of ski tourers, ice climbers and all other mountain and ski athletes. The gloves, which are orientated around ascents and descents, score points due to their innovative styling without bothersome seams, palms with a good grip and the use of wind-repelling Polartec® material as well as Alpinwool – a true all-round talent.


New picture logo

2018 New picture logo

ZIENER is expanding its brand presence with a picture logo from Winter 2018/2019. ZIENER’s affinity for winter sports and biking was picked up in the design: the three lines of the "Z" represent the different slopes and their average gradients – the blue slope for beginners with a 15-degree gradient, the advanced red slope with a 27-degree gradient and the black pro slope with a 48-degree gradient. At the same time, the hashtag #canyouridetheline was launched to call winter and biking athletes on social media channels to the next adventure.


ZIENER Activewear

2017/2018 ZIENER Activewear

In the winter of 2017/2018, the function specialist, ZIENER is falling back on its extensive experience in winter sports and developing for the first time a high-quality clothing line for active winter athletes This includes focusing specifically on sports such as ski touring and cross-county , developing products that are exactly suited to the requirements of these types of sports. The broad and high-quality product range enables optimal outfits for all activities that can be combined according to the onion principle and leave nothing to be desired when it comes to design and look.  


E4 Active Skiwear

2015 E4 Active Skiwear 2015 presented ZIENER the E4 Active skiwear at ISPO 2015. The purist, highly functional clothing line allows to master diverse alpine use. The E4 Active skiwear is distinguished by its innovative material composition. Because of this uniqueness, it is a pleasure uphill and downhill to move, whether on- or off-piste. 2015

Heated ski gloves

2014-2015 Heated ski gloves In the winter season 2014/2015 the glove specialist ZIENER brings for the first time high-quality technical, heated ski gloves on the market. Inside the glove, a pleasant temperature of 37 ° - 40 °, depending on the ambient temperature can be achieved and the set heat setting. 2014-2015

The company introduces a brand relaunch

2013 The company introduces a brand relaunch ZIENER refaces its brand identity and enters the market with two new lines. As update for a more modern and integral external communication the company introduces a brand relaunch at ISPO 2013 including adapted logos, booths, display designs, etc. In addition to our successful Alpine product line, ZIENER developed two new lines: All Mountain and Ski Cross. The Ski Cross line combines flashy design with a casual style for young, dynamic skiers. Everybody looking for the challenge off or on the slope – whether ski tour climb or deep snow downhill – is reflected in the functional ZIENER All Mountain line. In this line the major focus is the "Mountain-Experience". 2013

Maria Höfl-Riesch

2012 Maria Höfl-Riesch ZIENER becomes supplier of the Norwegian skipool, supplier for textile equipment and gloves of the Czech Ski Cross national team and the ski association of Baden-Württemberg. Following the successful Pro Models of Felix Neureuther and Viktoria Rebensburg, the currently most successful DSV athlete Maria Höfl-Riesch gets her specially designed glove. 2012

The German Disabled Sports Association (DPS)

2011 The German Disabled Sports Association (DPS) With beginning of season 2011/12 ZIENER equips the Alpine National Team of the German Disabled Sports Association (DPS) and its junior team with racing and team clothing. Additionally ZIENER is supplier of the Italian nordic athletes. 2011

Official glove supplier for the German Alpine, Nordic

2010 Official glove supplier for the German Alpine, Nordic Ziener becomes the official glove supplier for the German Alpine, Nordic Combination and Ski Jumping national teams. 2010

Official glove supplier

2007-2008 Official glove supplier Ziener becomes the official glove supplier for the athletes in the Nordic skiing division of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). From the winter season onwards ski jumpers, Nordic combined skiers, cross-country skiers and biathletes compete in tournaments wearing custom-made gloves from Oberammergau. Another new addition is the Swiss National Freestyle Team, including Olympic champion Evelyne Leu. The German Ski Association (DSV) freestyle and ski-cross team also wears Ziener clothing and gloves. Other teams on the Upper Bavarian winter sports specialist's supplier list continue to include the Bulgarian Ski Association; the Czech ski jumping team; Interski Deutschland's demonstration team; the DSLV and numerous regional associations and ski schools. 2007-2008

The Bavarian Ski Association (BSV) decide to work together

2006-2007 The Bavarian Ski Association (BSV) decide to work together Ziener and the Bavarian Ski Association (BSV) decide to work together. The functional specialist becomes the BSV's glove and clothing supplier, focusing its involvement on supporting up-and-coming young skiers in particular. 2006-2007

For young riders

2005 For young riders Ziener presents the first "park and pipe" clothing for young riders. The products combine baggy look and smooth style with function. 2005

Glove supplier to the coaching team of the German Ski Teachers

2002 Glove supplier to the coaching team of the German Ski Teachers Ziener is glove supplier to the coaching team of the German Ski Teachers' Association (DSLV) and to the German Ski Association (DSV) and, last but not least, one of Europe's major winter glove manufacturers. Ziener presents a bike collection for the first time, which sells well even in its first year. 2002

Ski- and Snowboard-clothing

1992 Ski- and Snowboard-clothing Ziener winter gloves are supplemented for the first time by ski and snowboard clothing, launched onto the market under the Ziener label. 1992


1984 - 1990 Surf-Accessoires Ziener is an extremely successful manufacturer of kitesurfing harnesses and surf accessories. Production is discontinued following the collapse of the market in this segment. 1984 - 1990

Franz Ziener Junior

1980 Franz Ziener Junior Franz Ziener Junior becomes the third generation of the family to work in the company. 1980

The son Ernst Ziener

1970 The son Ernst Ziener Franz' son, Ernst Ziener, and his sister Gerda take over the running of the company. Ziener manufactures in Hungary, Yugoslavia and the Far East. The development, design and cutting of the collection are still based in Obergammerau today. 1970

German National Ski Team's

1954-1984 German National Ski Team's Ziener is the German National Ski Team's glove supplier. 1954-1984

Mirl Buchner

1952 Mirl Buchner The first skiing gloves are made at the suggestion of Mirl Buchner, a well-known female skier from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 1952

Master glove maker

1946 Master glove maker Master glove maker Franz Ziener Senior and his family move from the Erzgebirge mountain region in eastern Germany to Oberammergau, where Franz sets up a glove making workshop. Ziener and his three employees make high quality glacé kid gloves. 1946
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