Wool is everything but boring

Friday, 11 March 2022
Wool is everything but boring

The new X-WOOL Pad Technology

The properties of the natural material we have made our own and bring with the NARS and NARCI X-Wool Tights functional bike pants on the market, which support optimally by the X-Wool Pad while biking.

The core
The pad’s core is made of 100% washable lavalan® wool – a great renewable resource. The natural material optimally absorbs moisture and stores it, thus ensuring an excellent climate balance while cycling. In addition, lavalan® wool has ideal cushioning properties and excellent bounce. It is also extremely skin-friendly – natural and powerful!

The surface
In combination with the thin breathable top layer, the pad is an unbeatable choice for cycling: the outer fabric is biodegradable, super soft, highly breathable, compressible as well as easy to clean. It is made from sustainable Amni Soul Eco® yarn using an eco-friendly process. As a biodegradable material, e-GO quickly decomposes in anaerobic landfill to organic material (biomass) and biogas, whereas similar synthetic materials take decades to decompose. Performance meets sustainability!

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Daniel Ziener explains here what is special about our X-WOOL Pad

The X-Wool Pad Tights: NARS & NARCI X-WOOL

The new ZIENER tights NARS (men’s) / NARCI (women’s) X-Wool are made of a 4-way stretch material for optimum freedom of movement and feature a reflective logo as well as reflective tapes on the side seam. The comfort waistband ensures a pleasant wearing feel. The high insert at the back is ideal for absorbing moisture. For the perfect hold and a stylish highlight, the leg cuffs have a silicone coating and come in modern colours. The X-Wool pad with lavalan® wool provides optimal support while cycling with excellent cushioning and moisture absorption – for perfect climate regulation.

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Seiten aus ZIENER Orderbook 220x297mm S22 02 09 2021 Screen PDF 2 Seite 1

Seiten aus ZIENER Orderbook 220x297mm S22 02 09 2021 Screen PDF 2 Seite 2

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