shirts & jerseys made of drirelease® material

Monday, 06 May 2024
shirts & jerseys made of drirelease® material

Function meets wearing comfort

To further maximize the comfort and performance of our bike products, we are using drirelease® material and its unique combination of synthetic and natural fibres for the first time in the new 2024 summer collection.

More precisely, the innovative materials consist of synthetic, hydrophobic fibers with different denier and staple lengths in combination with natural, hydrophilic fibers. This combination enables moisture to be efficiently wicked away from the skin and transported to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. The drirelease® fabrics dry up to four times faster than cotton. In addition, no chemicals or irritants are used that could be washed out over time.

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drirelease Grafik Feuchtigkeit

Moisture wicking

All drirelease® fabrics utilize hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers to pull moisture away from the skin – fast.

drirelease Grafik schnelltrocknend

Fast drying

In test after test, drirelease® fabrics reach one of the industry’s highest standards for dryness – up to four times faster than cotton.

drirelease Grafik performance

Permanent performance

With no chemicals or irritants to wash out over time, drirelease® ensures eco-friendly, long-term fabric performance.

drirelease Grafik Komfort

Superior comfort

Our fabrics’ soft, natural feel keep wearers dry and comfortable – requlating body temperature by keeping skin up to 7°F cooler.

drirelease Grafik qualität

Premium Quality

The wide array of fabrics and knits exhibit excellent hand, hold their shape, and are easy care. They resist pilling, wrinkling and static cling.

ZIENER products with drirelease® technology

The products are characterized by excellent grip, dimensional stability and ease of care. They are resistant to knotting, creasing and static build-up. So you can enjoy your favorite item for a very long time. And thanks to the soft feel, you'll never want to take it off again.

For men, the material can be found in the following T-shirts and jerseys: NEMINDO MAN, NENTIN MAN, NADEX MAN and NADEKO MAN.

For women, these T-shirts and jerseys are available with the drirelease® fabric: NELITA LADY, NADELIA LADY, NESTONIA LADY, NARALI LADY and NARALINA LADY.
On top, the shirts score points with small zipper pockets, mesh inserts and a stylish design.

Click here to see our shirts & jerseys with drirelease®.

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