Inspired by nature

Friday, 11 March 2022
Inspired by nature

We are setting new standards with the 3D GECKO GRIP palm technology.

The development was inspired by nature and took a closer look at gecko feet.

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Geckos' feet are an extraordinary natural phenomenon: they have many different hair-like structures and zones that act like adhesive pads. Thanks to their little hairs, the gecko can stick to any surface and almost merge with it. ZIENER was inspired by these little lizards with loud voices: many flexible non-slip knobs in different zones give the glove grip, tactility, comfort and perfect handlebar control – the hand becomes one with the handlebar. The knobs adapt perfectly to the shape of the hand and offer maximum freedom of movement. They also provide the perfect grip and guarantee a high level of comfort thanks to the extensive padding. This makes the gloves very flexible – for a perfect, direct and comfortable grip on the handlebars.


In addition, the knobs are arranged in different zones, each with a different function: long 3D knobs provide comfortable cushioning on the ball of the hand, while short ones on the fingers guarantee a direct grip. Medium-length 3D knobs on the palms ensure a perfect tactile grip and optimum air circulation.

The gloves dispense with seams on the palm to avoid unnecessary pressure points. Elastic, soft palm material ensures high comfort and optimal tactility.

Daniel Ziener explains here how our glove CECKO Grip works.

Seiten aus ZIENER Orderbook 220x297mm S22 02 09 2021 Screen PDF Seite 1

Seiten aus ZIENER Orderbook 220x297mm S22 02 09 2021 Screen PDF Seite 2

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