ZIENER Pistentour W21/22

Wednesday, 22 December 2021
ZIENER Pistentour W21/22

The best ski tours in the Alps at a glance

Ski touring perfectly combines the exertion of the ascent and the action of the descent. The sport has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the current situation, the demand for this mountain sport will continue to grow: being out in the fresh air means keeping your distance from other winter sports enthusiasts is no problem at all, and as you don't need lifts for the ascent, you can avoid being crowded with other people in the queue and the gondolas.

    • The ‘PistenTour’ app is intended to help ‘spread out’ the ski tourers to the areas with a wide range of offers and to ensure more safety. Groomed pistes can no longer be used by ski tourers, as the tracks freeze over night and the first skiers have a high risk of falling.

    • Snow groomers guided by a rope can be life-threatening! The rope cuts into the snow, and when the snow groomer changes direction the rope can become a deadly trap. That’s why it’s so important that we only go onto the piste on the evening of the ski tour and within the permitted timeframe.

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Evening PistenTour offers the following advantages:

•        Little deep snow experience necessary

•        Knowledge of alpine dangers is an advantage, but not essential

•        Knowledge and possession of avalanche transceiver + emergency equipment is useful, but not necessary.

•        Socialising on the ascent and at the ski hut

•        Great fitness training

•        And fun on the descent with a headlamp

Evening Pistentour provides the following information:

•         Mountain and hut name

•        Altitude difference and height of the hut

•        The parking location

•        The piste rules of the various alpine clubs

•        Calendar of events, such as courses or ski tour race dates

•        Huts that offer an overnight stay on the tour evening are marked (ONP = overnight stay possible).


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ATTENTION for all longstanding users: the old PistenTour app is now offline. We recommend uninstalling it. The new PistenTour app is easy to download free of charge from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and has an easy-to-use design.

Clicking on the days of the week lists huts that are open that evening, sorted by distance from your location. Each selected tour is automatically saved offline and is ready to go on the mountain even with a weak network signal. The map view is available if you have downloaded it at least once (since opening up the app). The app also plans the journey to the destination hut’s car park (with Google Maps).

The links to the rules for ski-touring on pistes ensure that ski tourers behave sustainably on the way.

Ski-Touring Rules of Conduct Germany / Ski-Touring Rules of Conduct Austria

The ZIENER PistenTour competition

   Win one of these prizes by entering the PistenTour competition:

    1x women's ski touring outfit from Ziener’s Winter 22/23 collection, size of your choice
    1x men's ski touring outfit from Ziener’s Winter 22/23 collection, size of your choice
    1x pair of Movement Session 89 skis, length of your choice, without bindings
    1x Arva avalanche transceiver
    1x pair of contour hybrid mix skins from Koch alpin
    1x LedLenser headlamp

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13 years of PistenTour - New for 2022 - The photo competition:

Take a photo of the destination hut from the outside, without any people. The hut should be clearly recognisable by its name. Send this picture with its date and time together with your name, address and telephone number either to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the Facebook Messenger app to the Facebook page www.facebook.com/Pistentour or tag the Instagram account @pistentour as well as (if possible) the Instagram account of the photographed hut through www.instagram.com/Pistentour.

Closing date: 13.03.2022

Find the terms of participation HERE!

That was the Winter 2019/2020 ski-touring season!


Anyone who also registers directly with us as a PistenTour competition entrant will receive one of our coveted tube scarves. Simply register here.

Pistentour Bandana

*While stocks last. Registration must be completed by 13.03.2022.

Your address will only be used for sending the ZIENER tube scarf and will be irrevocably deleted afterwards.

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All further information on ZIENER’s PistenTour app can be found at www.pistentour.com or in the respective app store.

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