Made by Pros

At home in the Bavarian Alps, out and about on ski slopes and trails all over the world: to this day, ZIENER products are developed and designed in Oberammergau – by staff who live and breathe these sports, real pros in their field. What’s more, the specialist in skiing, biking and active sports collaborates with athletes in international high-performance sports associations and is also the official outfitter of the German skiing association and the Nordic ski department of the Austrian skiing association. Due to our deep connection to nature, we are increasingly focusing on recycled fabrics, renewable, natural materials and PFC-free impregnations.

ZIENER meets drirelease® technology

In the new 2024 summer collection, ZIENER is using drirelease® fabrics for the first time. The drirelease® technology revolutionizes the performance and comfort of sportswear thanks to its unique combination of synthetic and natural fibers. This allows moisture to be efficiently wicked away from the skin and transported to the to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. The drirelease® fabrics dry up to four times faster than cotton! In addition, no chemicals or irritants are used that that could be washed out over time.

NEW: Bike gloves with Wool Pad

ZIENER proudly presents the innovative ZIENER Wool Pad. The extensive palm padding made of washable lavalan® pro wool fleece sets new standards for comfort and climate balance when cycling.

Thanks to their ideal cushioning properties, they provide an incomparable grip on the handlebars and guarantee maximum comfort during long bike rides. The extensive palm padding is made of washable lavalan® pro wool fleece, which optimally absorbs moisture and ensures outstanding climate balance.


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