KANIKA AS(R) PR HOT glove lady

The sporty, heated ski gloves KANIKA AS® PR HOT LADY for frozen women’s hands include the water- and windproof ZIENER AQUASHIELD® membrane. The ski gloves’ soft, sturdy leather palms ensure total comfort on the piste. The heating function uses a small rechargeable battery, which can be safely and comfortably stored in a pocket on the inside of the cuff. The comfort zone of 37-40 degrees Celsius inside the gloves is controlled by three different heating levels, depending on the external temperature. This guarantees optimum heat regulation. Additional extra-warm PrimaLoft® Gold insulation keeps hands pleasantly warm for up to 8 hours at the lowest setting. When set to the highest level, the batteries will keep the skier warm for up to 4 hours. The long cuffs are secured with the help of tri-glide buckles and can be pulled tight at the wrist with just one hand using the cord-lock system.

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Heated, elastic & waterproof ladies ski gloves

• Packed in fabric bag
• Includes 2 rechargeable batteries and 1 charger
• Cord Lock & Waistband closing
• PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation


Item No. 801130
Sizes 6,5 - 8
Shell 100% Polyester
Palm Goat Leather
Lining 100% Polyester
Padding 100% Polyester
More information 0.266
Care instructions
- do not wash_x000D_ - do not bleach_x000D_ - do not tumble dry_x000D_ - do not iron_x000D_ - no professional textil care_x000D_


Heated glove with three heat levels and rechargeable battery.


Improved safety, thanks to reflecting elements on the garments and gloves.


This insulation technology is the one and only micro fibre insulation which can be seriously compared to down regarding ­warmth, lightness and softness. PrimaLoft® even outperforms down insulation: it's extremely water repellent, breathable and dries quickly, should it get wet.


The water- and windproof AQUASHIELD® Membrane – ensures a warm & dry climate.



The water- and windproof AQUASHIELD® Membrane – ensures a warm & dry climate. Additional extra-warm properties ensure a high level of wearing comfort – even under extreme conditions.


Elastic Shell fabric for mobility wear comfort.

Handschuh Größen / Glove Sizes

Lady & Man
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(in cm)
16,5 17,6 18,8 20,3 21,6 23,0 24,3 25,7 27,0 28,4 29,7 31,4 32,4

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KANIKA AS(R) PR HOT glove lady

KANIKA AS(R) PR HOT glove lady

229.99 €