Training quiz 2018

Ziener Schulungsquiz

ZIENER – Training quiz 2018

Dear Retailers, Dear sales stuff,
Year on year the variety of products in the winter sport segment increases. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for specialist retailers to provide customers with competent advice. Customers are also finding it more and more complicated to find a product which is right for them. We at ZIENER believe that the competent advice provided to customers by specialist retailers is thus ever more important. A key objective of this specialist retailer training brochure, the ZIENER Technical Manual, is therefore to make it easier to give professional advice at the point of sale.

To consolidate the knowledge given in our Technical Manual, you can take part in our „ZIENER- training quiz“ until 31.12.2018. You will receive a ZIENER sweater as a thank you for your participation and commitment.

More information can be found on the quiz form:

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Best regards from Oberammergau