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Setting an example regarding sustainability

The development of sustainable clothing and the integration of ecological aspects into manufacturing is a long process which many companies in the textile industry have already embarked on. In summer 2017 ZIENER decided to take a further step on the road to sustainability, including “ECONYL®” recycled material into various items in the Bike collection. This material is manufactured using regenerated polyamide, with the yarn sold under the ECONYL® brand name.

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How ECONYL ® works

The recycled polyamide is obtained via special processes which transform polyamide waste into flawless raw materials suitable for industrial processing. Rescued production waste includes manufacturing discards, industrial plastic waste and oligomers. The recycling of consumer waste, which includes products at the end of their lives, such as fishing nets, textiles and carpets, is also becoming increasingly important. This waste is regenerated into new yarn in a six-step process.

In contrast to other recycled yarns ECONYL® guarantees that the quality and function of the regenerated polyamide thread is identical to 100% standard ‘virgin’ polyamide. The uniqueness of these yarns and the many years of experience behind the ECONYL® regeneration system speak for themselves. Our products have undergone extensive testing, passing with flying colours. They are as good as the previously used fabrics and threads in every respect, displaying the same characteristics as regards stability, longevity and climate control.

Did you know that…

in 2015 the production of CAPROLACTAM ECONYL® reduced CO2 emissions by more than 170 000 tonnes? This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions produced by one passenger car circling the equator 30 000 times.
(Source: Aquafil internal survey)

The ZIENER collection with recycled ECONYL® material:

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