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20 years of ZIENER Teamwear

Dear Ski Schools, Race Teams and Associations,
Twenty years ago, the personal passion and countless Alpine experiences of our ski-mad staff led us to develop the first ZIENER Teamwear collection. While teaching; training or running their own ski schools, our employees quickly recognized the demand for functional, technically high-quality and, above all, contemporary teamwear and initiated the first crucial steps towards creating what is now the most successful ZIENER clothing line. The first Teamwear collection was launched in the 1998/1999 season and designed for everyone who spent their days out in the snow and on the ski slopes and so relied on hi-tech functional clothing.

Thanks to close relationships with the ski sports world and the many driving forces within our company, in the last 20 years ZIENER has become a leading Alpine teamwear company. The classic collection was soon expanded to include specialist racing sport items and clothing for trainers – with great success. Our collection has been, and continues to be, characterized by the unique details which are typical for ZIENER and have been developed specifically for ski schools, racers and professionals. From the outset we have placed great value on the use of the best materials supplied by prestigious manufacturers. In this context, we spend a lot of time working with athletes and professionals to develop new products. This results in, among other things, the exceptional quality for which ZIENER is known.
Our cooperation with the instructors of the German Ski Instructors Association and the German Ski Association, which began in 2002 and is still going strong, is also extremely important to us and has been reflected in every ZIENER Teamwear collection from the beginning. Our Teamwear collections have been able to realize many of the valuable ideas and approaches contributed by people who spend their days in the snow. In winter 2006/2007 we were thus the first manufacturer to introduce a 3-layer system in the teamwear segment, combining a shell jacket with a warming Primaloft jacket. This product line is still very popular. We have also responded to demand for functional, laid-back clothing with a dedicated collection. Our All Mountain teamwear is the expression of individuality and freedom, no matter whether on or off the ski slopes. The sporty, freeride-oriented look and colourways plus combination options from classic to hip ensure that the line appeals to a very wide target group.

Today, ZIENER teamwear is divided into three differing main collections, allowing us to meet all the wishes and needs of our customers. Our products range from technical, traditional skiwear to the high-quality 3-layer system. Each collection runs for three years, allowing us to offer a new collection each year. Our extensive offering in the racewear segment is being continuously refined and expanded and is rounded off by our hi-tech ski gloves.

I look back on the last 20 years with pride and joy and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust which you place in our products. We will continue to give our best to meet all the demanding requirements of our teamwear customers with a diverse, functional, high quality product offering.

Here’s to a successful winter 2018/2019!
Frank Burig