We ensure the right saddle fit

mardi, 04 mai 2021
We ensure the right saddle fit
Spring is in the air and beckons us outside the door
As soon as the days get longer and the temperatures rise, we are drawn outside with our bike.

The first kilometers on snow-free roads and trails are really fun. The warm rays of the sun tickle the skin and you can fully enjoy the pure freedom on the bike.

But everyone knows it: you first have to get used to the seat in the saddle again.

We have the perfect inner shorts and tights with the perfect pads in our new bike collection for you - whether mountain biking, a relaxed e-bike tour or road biking. Our collection offers something for everyone - whether ambitious athlete, pleasure cyclist or family trips.

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To perfectly support every part of the body, we offer three different pads. The X-GEL Pad, the X-FUNCTION Pad and the X-SHAPE Pad. The X-GEL Pad and X-FUNCTION Pad are available in addition to the tights also in two different removable inner shorts for the bike shorts, so you can choose your inner shorts depending on your needs.
But which pad is right for you? We present them briefly so that you are optimally equipped for your next bike trip:


The wings nestle perfectly against the body at a 90° angle and adapt to your movements. Pressure points and irritation in the seat area are prevented by the optimised shape and soft edge transitions. The X-GEL pad’s foam was produced with a special pressure line system. This creates different levels and heights. It thus supports bikers in all movements – for maximum comfort. In addition, the pad is extremely breathable and is soft and comfortable to wear..

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          NEIK X-GEL MAN                        NEKIA X-GEL LADY


High comfort and functionality also play a major role here. Thanks to a complex three-dimensional cutting system, the foam consists of different zones that guarantee optimal freedom of movement while providing high volume for sensitive areas. The surface fabric gives it a new, soft feel and ensures high flexibility. It is also quick-drying.

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                NEPO X-FUNCTION MAN            NENZI X-FUNCTION LADY

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                 NEIDECK MAN Shorts                   NYE LADY Shorts

Our shorts come standard with the inner shorts with X-FUNCTION pad. However, you can also buy the shorts without inner shorts and combine the inner shorts with the X-GEL to it and thus adapt to your own needs.


This impresses with its excellent breathability and air permeability. High-density inserts are designed to provide optimal support and protection for sensitive areas. In addition, the smooth surface fabric dries quickly even under constant seating pressure. The pad was developed for male anatomy with a central channel that promotes blood circulation and reduces pressure or numbness. The latest technical innovation for this type of shape is the geometric thickness of the inserts. With the support elements divided into four parts, the cyclist's movements can be adjusted for when pedalling.

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                      NATAS X-SHAPE MAN

Another tip from our side. Besides the right clothing or pad choice, a good saddle is the best investment for your bike tours.

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