ZIENER Teamwear 2020/2021

Dear ski schools, race teams and associations, Our new Teamwear collection is here and ready for you to use. Our ski-lo- ving employees have gone to great lengths to support those whose live out in the snow and on the slopes. Our highly technical functional clothing features unique ZIENER details that have been specially developed for ski schools, racers and profes- sionals. We also use only the best materials. Developing products in collaboration with athletes and professionals is immensely important to us – #madebypros! It’s not for nothing that we are one of the leading alpine teamwear providers. The softshell jackets RCE JELIX and RCE JERMAN are new for this winter. The functional, close-fitting softshell jackets are equipped with breatha- ble, elastic and windproof ZIENER WINDSHIELD ® material. Two zippered side pockets and one inner pocket provide storage space. Our teamwear represents individuality and freedom, no matter whether on or off the slo- pes: both softshell jackets can be designed according to your own colour preferences to go with the rest of the teamwear outfit. The design of the RCE JELIX is the perfect match for the TAMAL & TALAN / TABAL & TABOR line. The ZIENER Teamwear is divided into two lines, each with different debuts and running for three years. The TAMMO & TEMMO / TUAMO & THUAO line is new this year and will run until Winter 2022/23. We’re offering the TAMAL & TALAN / TABAL & TABOR line until the 2021/22 season. Further information on the ordering terms can be found on page 70. Our extensive range is rounded off with our high-tech ski gloves. I look back with pride on the last few years and would like to thank you for your trust in our products. We will continue to do our best to provide you with diverse, functional and high-quality products. I wish you all a successful winter season 2020/2021! All the best, from Frank Burig 2